Why an Aussie Mum developed her own organic skincare range.

 Growing up in tropical North Queensland, I was the typical Australian kid.

I spent a lot of time outdoors, I was never inside as a kid, so you can imagine how my fair skin coped with all that sun.
Fast forward to marriage and children and it was when our children were in primary school, we decided to sell everything, pack up, and travel Australia in a caravan...and that’s exactly what we did for the next three years. This is when I really started to notice my skin worsening. The travelling was great. The constantly changing climate and water...not so much.
It left my skin red, irritated, oily, dry: you name it, I had it.
All those years in the sun as a child were also beginning to take it's toll, I was getting sun cancers cut out of my face, chest and shoulder. I wanted to find a plant based, organic product to help heal the scars and reduce the redness.
Of course, I tried everything. Cheap supermarket brands filled with chemicals all the way through to the best organic skincare brands and high-end creams.
Nothing helped.
While we were in the Northern Territory, an Aboriginal guide spoke to me about the incredible medicinal and healing benefits from native plants, many of which are still used today.
That’s when the penny dropped for me.
If I wanted to improve my skin, I needed the best organic skincare possible – bursting full of plant-based antioxidants.
I realised the only way to know for sure exactly what I was using on my skin was to make it myself.
I started researching the healing properties plants could give our skin. I became a skincare-super-sleuth, studying organic botanicals and plants, coming up with my own formulations that were filled with healing antioxidants and vitamins naturally derived from plants.
It was a long process. There were countless nights I worked through until sunrise, creating formulation after formulation until each product was perfect.
I was told by people in the industry that my process wouldn’t work. That I’d need less of the organic, good stuff and more fillers to keep production costs down! The thing is, all the thickeners and fillers are exactly what caused me trouble with all the other products I’d tried…
so I trusted my instincts and ignored what “the experts” said.
And I’m glad I did,
I started creating my own products and harnessing the potent restorative power of plants. I finally started to see improvements in my skin, especially with the scars from having the sun cancers cut out, the redness disappeared and they looked invisible to the naked eye.
My skin became softer, and the pH levels became more balanced (balanced pH = happy skin!)
The dry, scaly patches went away, my skin tone evened out and it was no longer irritated. I was even feeling better overall in my own health, it's incredible how chemicals can take a toll on our overall health and wellness.
I was amazed by the compliments I was receiving from people about how great my skin looked, I NEVER received compliments prior!
I was finally loving my skin again.
I hope by sharing my experience that it helps you to not only your skin, but your overall health & wellbeing. 
Love & gratitude,
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