Leveque OrganicsLeveque Organics

100% Organic, Natural, Cruelty Free Skin Care Range

Leveque Organics

Certified Organic ingredients

Australian made on the Sunshine Coast

cruelty free skincare & bodycare

I understand how difficult it is to find a chemical-free skincare range that won't leave your skin feeling oily and suffocated.
I know, because I once was in your position.

After years of research and formulating with organic plant ingredients, I launched my own organic skincare range.

Leveque Organics.

My skincare is made the old-school-way, by hand, using raw, organic, pure ingredients grown in nature.

I have put the 'care' back into skincare, with an uncomplicated range inclusive to all skin and all ages.

I make products that you can trust to deliver the results you desire. 

Your skin WILL feel better for it.

Derived from nature
enabling your skin to thrive without chemical intervention.
We Care
As a small, family-owned business, we are doing our part to help improve the environment for our future grandkids to enjoy.
We don't use toxic chemicals!
We take super-double-extra care to make sure everything we use, make, and sell is as safe and eco-friendly as possible for you, your family and mother nature.