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100% Organic, Natural, Cruelty Free Skin Care Range

Leveque Organics

Certified Organic ingredients

Australian made on the Sunshine Coast

cruelty free skincare & bodycare

Most skincare are chemical concoctions that contain multiple carcinogens, endocrine disruptors and toxic ingredients that can cause reactions on the skin and in the body.

...they call that skin'care'?

Our skincare is made the old-school-way, by hand, using raw, organic, pure ingredients grown in nature.

We put 'care' into our skincare, an uncomplicated range inclusive to all skins and all ages.

Your skin WILL feel better for it.

Derived from nature
enabling your skin to thrive without chemical intervention.
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We Care
As a small, family-owned business, we are committed to making sure the planet is okay for our future grandkids.
Not only do we use the purest ingredients nature can offer, we take super-double-extra care to make sure everything we use, make, and sell is as safe and sustainable as possible.
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