Womens Skincare

Womens Skincare

      As women we tend to get pulled in every direction, we juggle some many roles... girlfriend/wife, mum, family life, career woman and the list goes on. We always tend to put ourselves last, but ladies it's time to give YOU some self love otherwise you will self combust. My skincare will be the best friend you always wanted, it won't judge you, it will give you a boost even on your worse days.  Leveque Organics will feed your skin the nutrients it needs minus the toxic crap, afterall we deal with enough crap in our everyday life we don't need to add it to our skincare. 
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      New product to us

      Hubby loves the non-greasy formula that has worked so well. Very very happy!

      Love these products have been using for 5 years and will always

      Coconut Body Butter

      Have used this daily for years after showering and swimming- such a game changer and lasts a long time. Love this product.

      Orange & vanilla exfoliator

      I liked the old coarser formula much better.
      It smelled more beautiful too...

      The best cleanser

      I adore this cleanser, I've been using it for a few years now and other cleansers just don't compare. It cleans my skin so well and the smell is amazing.

      Beautiful skin

      I love this product. The wind has been coming in from the west and its very dry at the moment.
      My skin is looking great due to using coconut body butter. I've even had comments from friends.
      Thanks Julie for a beautiful product ❤️

      Nourishing night cream

      I absolutely LOVE this night cream! My skin feels so beautiful and soft the next morning after I use it. It's especially great for the drier climate where I live 😊

      Very light and absorbs quickly.

      Fantastic product

      I can’t believe how great these products are. Love them.


      Fantastic product 🥰

      Early days

      I have literally just started using Le Veque products. The aroma of the serum is amazing. A little goes a long way and feels lovely on but will have to use for a while to gauge visual results.

      Skin feels supple and smooth

      Non greasy, easily absorbed, my skin feels supple and looks softer. This cream is wonderful.

      Absolutely fantastic

      I love this product


      Omg amazing product Thankyou

      Day round protection

      All day, all year is a perfect deodorant for me

      This is amazing!!

      After getting clearance from my Doctors, I started regularly applying this serum to my breast cancer scar. The results have been amazing as the scar tissue has healed beautifully. Would thoroughly recommend.

      It works wonders

      I ran recently when Julie was away working and I really noticed a big difference when I received my new order.
      I love it, it helps my eyes to look younger, without puffiness or dark circles.

      Beautiful scent

      I love my Bulgarian Rose hydrating mist. It gives me extra hydration to make it through my days. The scent us delicious too

      Jojoba oil by Leveque

      I love this oil so beautiful on your skin so quickly absorbed. 😍
      I waited ages for it to be restocked but can you please go back to the pump top as the other top is easily left slightly open.
      My bottle tipped over accidentally & I lost the lot on the floor. 😪

      Smooth Legs for Winter

      I love the coconut body butter especially for winter. Keeps my legs smooth and hydrated through the chilly winter months!


      I love this lip balm. It keeps my lips moist and subtle throughout the day and night. No more dry winter lips, they feel much better.

      I have very sensitive skin and have never had any issues. I love it and would never use any other product.

      Love this serum

      I'm noticing my skin is very fresh and my colour is amazing. I have an even tone.
      Love it. ❤️

      Beautiful mask

      I'm a new user of Leveque products and am so in love with this mask. My skin looks smooth and refreshed after use. I really look forward to doing these masks each week.

      Favourite lip balm

      I use this lip balm every night before bed. It's my go to and my lips are always so soft in the morning. Especially useful for winter!