Product Information

*Information provided in our listings is provided for information purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, prescribe or replace the advice of professionals.

*It is the responsibility of the individual to check with a professional before using any products that may interfere with drugs or medical conditions.

*During pregnancy Leveque Organics advises customers ALL products containing essential oil blends SHOULD NOT BE USED as some of our blends contain oils that are NOT SUITABLE DURING PREGNANCY. However,our Essential Oil Free Range is suitable to use during pregnancy and on babies. If you would like to purchase an item but are unsure, please contact us for assistance or peruse the complete ingredients list on our webpage.

*For those with sensitive skin, please take care when using essential oils on the skin (i.e. in massage or in creams) as skin irritations may occur.

*For those with epilepsy, be aware that several essential oils may trigger an epileptic seizure.

*Several oils (particularly citrus oils) can cause a photosensitive skin reaction (darkening of pigmentation) if applied to the skin prior to exposure to sunlight. Please apply at least half an hour before exposure.

*Certain essential oils should be avoided if you suffer from high or low blood pressure.

*Essential oils are not recommended for ingestion.

*It is advisable to use the ‘Skin Patch Test’ to test for possible allergic reactions before applying any new products to the face or body. Apply a small amount of product to the chosen area, and wait 24 hours to ensure no skin sensitivity.

*If you are in doubt, we recommend that it is always best to check with a qualified Aromatherapist before use.

Leveque Organics takes all care possible, but accepts no responsibility or liability for negative reactions to products or product ingredients that may be experienced by customers. Please ensure you read the information contained above and in the product listing regarding precautions for use.