Best Product 2020

The stats are in and we can reveal our best selling product from 2020 was our Citrus Foaming Cleanser.

Why was this was and still is one of the most popular products from our range?

I knew how Ah-Mazing our Citrus Foaming Cleanser was when I first formulated it... Yep, I could tell you our Citrus Foaming Cleanser is our one of our best sellers, but why do you give a toss, am I right? You just want to know what it can do for you? Let us lay all our cards down on the table and spill it!

Firstly, it smells friggin unreal!! I obviously take my own Citrus Foaming Cleanser when I stay at someones place and they say how Ah-Mazing it smells...yep it gets the senses going! Our sulphate-free foaming cleanser is designed to use as an overall body cleanser while in the shower, yep you heard that right, you don't need a seperate face wash...hence saving you some moolah (money). The combination of organic Kakadu Plum,Ginseng and Calendula will balance out the oil levels in your skin,along with Organic Sweet Orange,Lemon-scented Tea Tree and Patchouli pure essential oils that incorporate antiseptic & anti-bacterial qualities to ensure a thorough clean...keeping your skin blemish free and did I mention you will smell Ah-Mazing!

Anyway here are some reviews from real life customers who won't spin you any crap, just honest feedback.

I have been using this product for years. My family and I use it as an every day body wash. We find this product amazing, it lathers wonderfully with an incredible scent. It leaves our skin feeling and looking so soft and healthy. My skin gets very dry, itchy and sore during winter. I've tried every product under the sun to try to ease this, although some things helped it nothing made it stop. That was until I started using the citrus foaming cleanser. It really has been life changing. This cleanser is also great to use when shaving your legs, it makes it so much easier. Janeen E.

My all time favourite!
I love this & now buy the big bottle so there's plenty for both my husband & I to use. You wash the day away & are left with fresh soft skin. I wear makeup everyday so having a face wash that removes everything & does a good job of it is super important to me. Heather G. 

Loving it! Smells great and has my skin is looking amazing! Sarah H. 

I have bought this product before and loved it- I use it on my face and neck every day in the shower so it's created a facial regime for me that I didn't have before. I bought two this time and received some surprise freebies as well- bonus!!! Julie's care for her customers is outstanding. Tammy A. 

I use the Citrus Foaming Cleanser for my morning shower - the citrus aroma is really uplifting - not overpowering - and I find it helps awaken me for the day. It's also really gentle on my skin. Karen F. 

 I just love using the citrus foaming cleanser. It smells so nice and it feels so light on my skin every time I use it. My skin looks so good and refreshed. I would highly recommend this product. Erica S.

I purchased this cleanser on recommendation by Julie for my 8 year old son as a daily cleaning ritual for his face. I believe a good skin cleansing routine early in life will help to reduce major acne breakouts during puberty. He is loving it!!! It didn’t take long for him to be washing his face independently and now he even reminds me if I forget to get it down for him. I too have started using it for my face as it is a light fresh foam that feels soooo good when used. Thanks Julie for the good advice and awesome product. Kerry A.

This is the second of a large number of products I have bought for myself and my two daughters. The products are sooooo good. I love them and make my skin look and feel great. People are asking what I use! Prue P.

Love that this product contains nothing harsh. Helps calm my skin and smells so lovely. Both my teenage boys also use it to wash their faces, keeping breakouts to a minimum. Natalie R.

 This cleanser has been a god send for my two teenage daughters. Both have experienced acne breaks out at various times and this cleanser has helped sooth and clean their problem areas. I would definitely recommend this for people with acne prone skin. Amie W.

  I ordered this for my daughter to try and the results were amazing! Her skin was hydrated instead of having patchy dry spots and the congestion in her poles was visibly reducing in just a couple of days. Family members commented on how good her skin was looking within a week! I too have been using the products on my middle aged (35yo) skin and it’s come full circle! Kym K.


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