The Importance Of Using A Night Cream

Everyone knows that we must cleanse our skin every morning AND evening before bedtime,but what about hydrating your skin before bedtime with a night cream?  Your first step to a beauty routine is to always cleanse your skin to remove dirt,oil,makeup and other impurities from your skin to which we have come into contact with during the day. The best way to end your day is with a nice clean face,proper cleansing will allow your night cream to work it's magic while you sleep.

During the day your skin is in protection mode,doing it's best to fight off all the environmental nasties that our skin comes into contact with on a everyday occurrence. The time our bodies are sleeping is a time for healing and re-energizing. While you sleep your skin is working overtime to regenearte itself,fighting against free radicals,healing minor irritations caused during the day and repairing damage to the skin. By applying a night cream you enhance your skin's natural healing process and provide it the necessary hydration.

Skin requires adequate hydration to look it's best,which is why we need to drink plenty of water to hydrate our body,but also we need to apply high quality organic products to our skin to keep it moist also. Dried out skin tend to make people look older than what they really are.

A rich night cream,such as our Pomegranate & Sea Buckthorn Nourishing Night Cream will provide your skin with much needed hydration and nutrients to assist in collagen production,skin plumping and over all improved skin tone. This rich,intensive night cream is formulated using the 'super fruit' Sea Buckthorn Berry along with Pomegranate,Kakadu Plum,Green Tea and hydrating organic oils. The combination of these two 'super' fruits deliver high amounts of Phytosterol,Vitamin E,Beta-Carotene,Anti-Oxidants,Carotenes and Omega 5 Fatty Acids to the skin

So with little effort on your part,there are really no excuses for not using a good quality organic night cream.

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